At Home with Kellie Howard from Bajo El Sol Beach House

When I first came across the Bajo El Sol Beach House I was blown away. Her house incorporates a couple of different styles that I love individually and I just had to know more about the creative mind behind the design & how she has cohesively merged these beautiful styles together.

Kelle Howard is an Interior Designer + Stylist based on the Gold Coast, Australia. She describes her unique signature style as Raw, Coastal, Luxe. Kelle is the owner of the rule breaking and edgy interior design studio Habitat + Beyond and her brilliance is in creating considered spaces with unexpected design elements and innovative functionality.

With over 8 year's experience in the interiors industry I just couldn't wait to chat to her about breaking design rules.

Thank you for being a part of The Cover Collective's 'at home' series Kelle.

The Cover Collective interview with Kellie Howard from Bajo El Sol Beach House

What are your top 3 tips for styling a bed?

I always use pillows with extra filling (such as queen pillows) to make them super full and luxurious. Choose a size larger than your bed for your doona and doona cover - I love to tuck the end into the mattress to give the bedding a more seamless look. Finally, don’t be afraid to mix the colours of your linen - mixing and matching your sheets and doona cover gives a beautiful but simple layering effect.

What are some easy ways to instantly make a house feel more homely?

Add lots of plants! Plants are not usually considered a decor item but adding more of them on top of shelving, consoles or in large pots instantly softens a space. I love to layer different textures - especially in homes with a more neutral colour palette, adding texture makes the world of difference in terms of making the space feel warm and inviting.

Sometimes the hardest decision is choosing a colour palette, how do you go about choosing colours for your home?

For Bajo el Sol I sourced vintage Moroccan rugs and used the colours from each rug to form a unique colour palette for each room. I used Rockcote Cerrano render matched to Dulux Vivid White on the walls, ceilings and trims which formed the perfect backdrop for any colours I wished to add into my home.

The Cover Collective interview with Kellie Howard from Bajo El Sol Beach House

Would you say your home has a style? If so, how do you achieve this style?

My signature style as an Interior Designer is raw, coastal, luxe so I was excited to build a home completely from my imagination in this style! For me raw, coastal, luxe is combining tactile elements such as raw timbers, handmade tiles, architectural concrete and render then adding luxe elements like furniture and design details such as the raw brass tapwear and then complimenting it with coastal touches such as rattan and bamboo, tropical plants and lots of white!

3 favourite pieces in your home?

My original artworks by Jai Vasicek are my favourite pieces to look at - they are truly breathtaking in real life. I also love the concrete dining table I custom designed and the hanging daybed was a must-have that I am so happy I included in the space. 

The Cover Collective interview with Kellie Howard from Bajo El Sol Beach House

The Cover Collective interview with Kelle Howard

Best DIY job to stay sane in self isolation?

Plant more plants! Lots of nurseries are offering delivery and I can’t say enough about what a difference adding plants makes to a space. Find some species you love and enjoy potting them into new pots and taking care of them as they grow.

Do you have a bedtime routine & how are staying calm & keeping a positive mind at the moment?

I do have a habit of spending too much time on my phone however, I always feel best when I take the time to stretch out my body before bed. I always have music playing in the home and I light a candle next to my bed. Meditation is an important part of my daily routine and I also love pulling angel cards for guidance. In terms of mindset my favourite quote is ‘everything is a choice’. We get to choose how we respond to people and situations. Also pay attention to who you are listening to - whether it be on social media or in real life - be aware who lifts your vibration and who lowers it!

The Cover Collective interview with Kellie Howard from Bajo El Sol Beach House

Do you have any predictions about upcoming homewares trends and what products/ colours are you hoping to see?

I personally don’t pay attention to trends as I much prefer to pay attention to how I want to feel in a space. I’m hoping to see even more individuality in homewards - I love supporting local brands and small businesses and try to steer away from anything too mass produced wherever possible. I would love to see patterns and textures used in a subtle way using a muted colour palette. One of my goals this year is to collaborate with someone on my own limited edition homewares range - watch this space!

Lastly, favourite product by The Cover Collective and why?

I love the sage quilt cover - a more muted tone of sage than what we are used to seeing so it would be perfect in any bedroom whether it be a teenage boy to a parents retreat!

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Thank you for taking the time to read our interview. 

I hope you loved reading it as much as we loved writing it.



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