At Home with Liz Amaya, creative stylist

Flight attendant turned interior stylist.

Liz Amaya knows what she wants and she's not afraid to go after her dreams!

After purchasing her current home she decided to document the renovation process as she had always had a passion for interiors and renovations & wanted to inspire others along the way. Little did she know that she would end up leaving her job to pursue a career as a freelance stylist, content creator and professional renovator. 

Liz helps her clients with new and existing builds & has worked alongside many enviable brands to create content in various forms. She has been seen on Channel 7 Sunrise and in the Daily Mail & Inside Out Magazine!

In amongst interior world domination liz and her husband have had FOUR children together. These two deserve a medal!  In all seriousness Liz is one inspiring lady and thrives on helping others achieve their goal of making their house a home!

Thank you for being a part of the The Cover Collective's 'at home' series Liz!

Liz Amaya Interview with The Cover Collective

What are your top 3 tips for styling a bed?

Use a calming palette 

Lots of soft and luxe cushions

A beautiful throw to complete the look

What are some easy ways to instantly make a house feel more homely?

Having pieces around the house that have personal meaning to you definitely injects personality into your home. Fabrics are also one of the easiest ways to add warmth to a space.

For example, adding fabric sheers over your doors or windows to soften the look. Adding Rugs to soften hard edges on flooring by using under the foot of your bed. Throws and lots of cushions also add texture, depth and warmth to any space. I also love adding greenery to all spaces, even the bedroom. Going to the garden and cutting some fresh foliage, popping it in a vase can really add life to a space.  

Liz Amaya Interview with The Cover Collective

Sometimes the hardest decision is choosing a colour palette, how do you go about choosing colours for your home?

I love Neutrals and always gravitate to muted palettes. I find them easy to add colour to and swap in and out as the seasons come and go.

Would you say your home has a style? If so, how do you achieve this style? 

Probably Contemporary / Scandi style. I love lots of whites and blonde wood whilst maintaining a very minimal look. I don’t like clutter, so if it doesn’t live there, it goes! 

3 favourite pieces in your home?

  • A white Country Road vase which is a fav, I use all the time.
  • A chalk, chunky knit throw which is so luxe and cosy.
  • A blush cushion from Adairs which is a beautiful linen blend and goes perfectly in our home with the other decor.

Liz Amaya Interview with The Cover Collective

Best DIY job to stay sane in self isolation?

Cleaning out the linen cupboard! A place that always accumulates ‘stuff’. And I always seem to wash and use my fav’s so no idea what is at the back of the cupboard. Hahaha 

Do you have a bedtime routine & how are staying calm & keeping a positive mind at the moment?

Walking my Pup every morning, gets me charged for the day, outdoors and clears my head. 

I love to lay in bed of an evening once the kids are all asleep and watch random TV just to unwind before going to sleep. 

Liz Amaya Interview with The Cover Collective

Do you have any predictions about upcoming homewares trends and what products/ colours are you hoping to see? 

Ohhhh honestly I have no idea at the moment. I have been so busy homeschooling I feel a little out of touch with the Interior world. I would imagine coming into Winter we will see some rich and warm palettes that assist in giving people that cosy feeling as the cold weather approaches. 

Lastly, favourite product by The Cover Collective and why?

I love the French Linen Quilt Covers 😍, always eyeing those beauties off! 

Shop Liz's favourite linen here.

You can contact Liz on any of the below platforms.

Thank you for taking the time to read our interview. 

I hope you loved reading it as much as we loved writing it.



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