"At Home" with Nikki, Founder of The Cover Collective

One of my favourite things to do is to chat to my community (thats you!) about styling your spaces. I love getting your questions about colour palettes, layering & anything bed & styling related.

So today I thought it would be fun to interview myself & answer some common questions. Join me below as I dish the dirt on how to get that all elusive 'dream bed'.

​Thank you for tuning in each week to read my latest interview, I hope you have enjoyed reading the 'at home' series as much as I've enjoyed writing it. And although this is the last interview of the series I have some very exciting things in the works so stay tuned!

What are your top 3 tips for styling a bed?

1. Always fold back your quilt cover

Gone are the days where your quilt ran the full length of the bed and your cushions sat on top! 

Now we are ALL about showcasing the top half of the bed and really showing off your sheets, cushions & pillows! The only questions left is to decide if you want to fold it all the way back (double up) or just fold a quarter back

2. Mix and Match

With the fold back in full swing it means your sheets are on display for everyone to see. While sheets used to be an afterthought and not really seen under the full length quilt they are now in prime position & I would encourage you to show them off by mixing & matching colours. 

Pairing a grey fitted sheet with a white flat sheet & a charcoal quilt cover instantly creates interest. I would recommend matching your pillowcases to either your sheets or quilt cover. Did someone say timeless luxury? 

3. Use quality over quantity

Invest in good quality products that will last a lifetime and completely change the look of your bed. Using a cheap quilt insert can flatten the look of your bed so by changing to a high lift quilt insert you will instantly add a luxe vibe. The same goes for cushion inserts, by using feather inserts your cushions will stand up straight and be instantly more appealing. 

It's also obviously no surprise that I recommend investing in quality premium bedding due to its many health benefits but mostly the longevity. One really good linen product will last you a minimum of 3-6 years and longer. How many cheaper products do you think you'll have to purchase through that time?

What are some easy ways to instantly make a house feel more homely?

We’ve all looked at a space and thought ‘It’s nice but it’s missing something’. That my friend is texture!

By adding things like textured cushions (think linen, woollen, woven etc) and throws it instantly softens the space making it feel homely and cosy.

Another great way to add texture is to add a rug to your space, choose something that doesn't overpower your entire look but blends nicely with the pieces you already have. 

Sometimes the hardest decision is choosing a colour palette, how do you go about choosing colours for your home?

In my home I always opt for colours that relax me or remind me of that pre-kid holiday I once took (a distant memory now). For me that is mostly neutrals with small hints of muted colours to add character. 

Colour can be the single most important aspect in styling a space so it's important to get it right from the beginning. I always start off with a mood board, printed and pinned to my felt board. You could also use a Pinterest board which is super easy. I add everything I want in that space. Think furniture, plants, bed linen, cushions.. you get the picture. Everything! That way you can really get a good understanding if the different textures and tones will work together.

Would you say your home has a style? If so, how do you achieve this style? 

I get asked about my home A LOT. And the truth is that whilst I was living in a beautiful neutral paradise we have now sold that house and purchased another renovator project. 

My new home is a 70's style multi level home. Also known as my 'ugly duckling' with bright purple and green throughout the house. The style I plan on using when I renovate could be described as a mix of Raw, Minimal, Vintage, Modern. Lots of raw surfaces like indoor rendered walls & exposed concrete with minimal styling. Hopefully some vintage furniture pieces throughout and lots of soft furnishings like linen sheer curtains, chunky throws & oversized floor cushions.

3 favourite pieces in your home?

  • My bed (shocking I know). It's my retreat, a place where I can go and listen to music or read a book and just relax. Because I run the business from home I often find it hard to switch off so my bedroom is a place of no work & total relaxation.
  • A vintage cane chair. Handed down from my great grandmother, generation to generation. It's not the most comfortable chair but it brings me so much joy thinking about the memories that were made in this chair.
  • My indoor plants. I am kinda a crazy plant lady with at least a couple in every room. I just love the feeling that plants bring to a space. My favourite would have to be my olive tree which you can see featured in lots of my photoshoots.

Best DIY job to stay sane in self isolation?

Home organisation. Marie Kondo style. I love organised spaces so at the beginning of isolation I decluttered my entire wardrobe and linen cupboard.

Declutter and owing less better quality items is something I am trying to be better at and am passionate about.

Do you have a bedtime routine & how are staying calm & keeping a positive mind at the moment?

Yes, I love a good bedtime routine. Lenny (my 3 yo) is usually asleep by 7pm so following that I take a nice hot shower, pop on my cosy PJ's & climb into bed. I usually wind down with a cuppa and my favourite Netflix show with hubby. As I mentioned I find it hard to wind down, having my own business means my brain is always on so tuning out to a good show or book really helps. I'd love to say that I turn screens off an hour before bed (like I should) but I just don't and I'm ok with that at the moment. 

Having a good bedtime routine is all about finding what works for you. Not what you should or shouldn't be doing.

I'm quite a positive person generally but I do have to say that being cooped up at home for almost 2 months now is making me a little crazy. Wearing all the hats of mum, teacher, cook, cleaner, chef, business owner. You get the gist, we are all going through the motions. I like to enjoy a nice red with dinner and thats how I'm staying positive.

Do you have any predictions about upcoming homewares trends and what products/ colours are you hoping to see? 

Well I don't want to say too much as I have some very exciting tones planned for the remainder of this year however what I will say is that I think we will see more colours been used through the home, even by us self proclaimed 'neutral nancy's. 

Lastly, favourite product by The Cover Collective and why?

Can I say everything?! My favourite tone to date is Sage, I just cannot get enough of it at the moment. It's so calming and goes with absolutely everything.

You can shop Sage linen here.

Thank you for taking the time to read my interview. 

I hope you loved reading it as much as I loved writing it.



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