At home with Simone from Soul Home.

Simone Mathews is in the business of creating unforgettable memories,  an interior designer and the creator of SOUL of Gerringong and SOUL Home. She is on a mission to provide a place for holiday property owners to learn, connect and be inspired & she thrives on creating chilled out spaces with that holiday feeling! 

After a weekend away for a friends birthday she picked up her entire family, including her (very handy) hubby Ben and four boys & relocated to Gerringong to create the house of her dreams. Not only did she achieve her goal and build and design one of the most enviable properties you have ever seen, she had it booked out 12 months in advance within a couple of weeks of opening. 

Simone is a people’s person so building a network of like minded soul mates who lift each other up whilst celebrating the wins & providing advice was an absolute no-brainer! With her signature how-to-guide teaching holiday property owners the do’s and dont’s Simone teaches everything from purchasing a property, running it as a business and most importantly styling it for insta success.

Thank you for being a part of the The Cover Collective's 'at home' series Simone!
The Cover Collective interview with Simone from Soul Home
 What are your top 3 tips for styling a bed?

  1. Keep it relaxed, I don't tuck in any of the sheets … it is what I call the lazy way to make a bed.
  2. Work with layers.  Think sheets, duvet covers, throws and pillows.
  3. Mix the colours.  I love to mix up the colours, selected a different colour for the sheets to the duvet cover to the pillowcases.

What are some easy ways to instantly make a house feel more homely? 

For me it's about making it homely for the people/family that live there or for the guests that will be staying at the holiday property.

The Cover Collective interview with Simone from Soul Home

Sometimes the hardest decision is choosing a colour palette, how do you go about choosing colours for your home?

Choosing colours is about the feeling your want to create in your home or bedroom.  If you want a fun and happy mood, I look to the brighter tones, if you are after a calm mood it is the more natural tones and if you are after a feel with drama, I would always recommend and use black and white.   

Would you say your home has a style? If so, how do you achieve this style?

We are currently building our latest home so let me talk you through that one.  I always use my 70/20/10 style rule for my own homes and client projects.  It is about the combination of 70% of one style, 20% of another and a final 10% layer to bring it altogether.  For our home the style is 70% organic, 20% minimalist with a 10% layer of coastal, bringing it altogether.  The mixture of styles is how I create a unique look and feel.

The Cover Collective interview with Simone from Soul Home

3 pieces you couldn’t live without?

  • Antique Indian timber leaner mirror, I have had it for over 10 years.  I just love how it is a statement piece, yet has a relaxing feel with it literally leaning against the wall, currently in the entry.
  • I have a framed print from many years ago, it is of a girl with hair over her face and fist pumping … each and every time I see it makes me feel good.  Currently it is in the laundry.
  • Leather cushion.  I purchased this aniline tan leather cushion with a tassel on it from Klovah.  I just love it, from the shape, colour and the design.  

Best DIY job to stay sane in self isolation? 

For me it it not about the DIY hands on, rather time to work on my business rather than in it.  I am working on the update of my website as well as the launch of my new online how-to guides.  By focussing on work (when I am not homeschooling my four boys) is keeping me sane.

Do you have a bedtime routine & how are staying calm & keeping a positive mind at the moment? 

I wish I could say I follow this every night but to be honest it happens if I am lucky 2-3 times a week.  It is about switching off from tech, no phones/computer/tv past 8pm.  I have a shower, put on a moisturising mask and I write in my gratitude diary about what I was grateful for today and list three things I am grateful about for the next day.  I snuggle into my linen sheets and turn the lights off by 9pm.  Keeping it simple is what it's about for me and investing in sleep is the best way I can keep my mind both positive and focused.

The Cover Collective interview with Simone from Soul Home

Do you have any predictions about upcoming homewares trends and what products/ colours are you hoping to see?

I am a big lover of anything natural, neutral and oozing texture.  However, I believe that after this is all over, we will see alot more brighter colours coming into trend.  It will be about resetting the way the world is feeling and creating a feel of both fun and freedom.  

Lastly, favourite product by The Cover Collective and why?

Now that is a hard one. But if I have to pick one fave piece, it would have to be the flat linen sheet in Grey.  I love the colour, it is not too dark nor too light. It is so adaptable.  I love to use the flat sheet as a throw at the end of the bed, like I mentioned before it is all about the layers.

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Thank you for taking the time to read our interview. 

I hope you loved reading it as much as we loved writing it.



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