At Home with Crystal Bailey from Crystal Bailey & Co.

An obsessed interior designer and stylist who is passionate about transforming homes into ones like feel like a holiday! 

Crystal Bailey is the ultimate inspiration, she has been in the design industry for over a decade and worked with clients such as Lorna Jane, Lisa Messenger, Not so Mumsy and many more.

Crystal believes that spaces are all about how you feel in them. From working on beautiful beach houses, to wellness spaces, restaurants and cafes she transforms spaces to give you that feeling you get when you’re on a holiday #yesplease

Having personally worked with Crystal for the last 2 and a half years I can attest to the fact that she is a true design inspiration, constantly providing free styling on her online platforms & supporting women all over the world.

Thank you for being a part of The Cover Collective’s ‘at home' series Crystal!

What are your top 3 tips for styling a bed?

1. Layers 

I love layers, because it makes your bed feel luxurious and plush! Here's my bed tricks! (whoops not that kind):

  •     2 x 60 X 60cm Euro cushions for the back
  •     4 x pillows (a fluffy one on the top to hide the flat memory foam pillow    underneath.
  •     2 x 50 x 50cm decorative cushions for the front. The key here is to have one patterned and one plain cushion with feather inserts.
  •     1 x long throw to drape across the bed
  •     TIP: Always upsize your quilt, so it falls to the floor

2. Wall Art

  • It's such a personal space to be adding wall art, but If there's room above your bed, add wall art in a bigger size if you can! It will make your bedroom feel so much bigger - I always select a framed print in a 90 x 130cm size or a 100cm diameter mirror or grass hanging.

3. Add a rug

  • There's something beautiful about adding a rug at the front of the bed to ground the entire room. I choose either a 200 x 300cm size to go more under the bed or a 120 x 160cm size to lay in front of it! If you have carpet in your room, you could add a bench at the front of the bed to make it look grand.

What are some easy ways to instantly make a house feel more homely? 

Definitely be adding more layers in neutrals to make it feel cosy and soft.

Soft furnishings such as cushions and throws make a massive difference!

Sometimes the hardest decision is choosing a colour palette, how do you go about choosing colours for your home?

I look to nature for my colour palettes. I will see the colours of the leaves on a gum tree and the hues of the ocean and then I bring that into the home.  

Would you say your home has a style? If so, how do you achieve this style?

I have really honed right in on my obsession for the boholuxe style! It's all about relaxed luxury or the modern boho home, which feels like you're on a holiday! It's very Mediterranean combining hard finishes like concrete plaster and steel with soft finishes like linen, muslin, cotton and then natural textures like rattan and bamboo.

You can achieve it by going back to natural textures and then adding tiny pops of brass steel. Linen curtains, rattan pendants and jute rugs always create this look quite easily too.

3 pieces you couldn’t live without?

Well right now I am glamping in a tent! So my life is pretty minimal! I left alot of my items in my villa in bali, so right now the 3 items that I can't live without are my incense, my journals and my laptop. If it's to do with homewares, my cushions, throws and bedding! I am glamping, but OMG. I could not do it without good linen and pillows!

Best DIY job to stay sane in self isolation? 

PAINT IT ALL WHITE... SERIOUSLY IT IS SO SATISFYING!!! Painting is like meditation with the brush strokes, so give it a go!

Do you have a bedtime routine & how are staying calm & keeping a positive mind at the moment? 

Yes! I light incense, play white noise or mediation music and think about 3 things that I am grateful for and celebrate the things that I have achieved - even if it was making my bed! If you don't celebrate the smallest of wins, then how can you expect to receive the big ones!

Do you have any predictions about upcoming homewares trends and what products/ colours are you hoping to see?

Hmmm. I am hoping that it's more sustainability because far out we need it in our homes! Our homes are our sanctuaries, so imagine how much more calm you would feel if it was full of natural products and materials. I am legit obsessed with bamboo!!! In bali, I was hoping to do a bamboo course at the Green Village, which teaches you how they make their bamboo architecture. 


Lastly, favourite product by The Cover Collective and why?

I absolutely love the Quilt Covers! I have been a MAASIVE fan since you began and styled them all over my stores, love the quality and they are like a fine wine, getting softer and better with age!!!

(Fun Fact: Crystal was the first stockist of The Cover Collective linen, she believed in my vision & product right from the get go & I will be forever grateful)

Shop Crystal's favourite linen here.

You can contact Crystal on any of the below platforms.

Thank you for taking the time to read our interview. 

I hope you loved reading it as much as we loved writing it.



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