Decluttering your life, home and mind in 2019

Here at The Cover Collective we strongly believe in quality over quantity and leading a simple & conscious life with less more meaningful possessions.
 Chelsea Smith is the super organised brains behind the Instagram sensation known as ”The Organising Platform".
After becoming a mum and wanting a simpler life with less possessions, less social commitments and less multi tasking she knew she had to commit to the life she yearned for. The Organising Platform is more than just a decluttering service, it is a personal path to mindfulness and fulfilment.
We are so excited to chat with Chelsea about realistic strategies that will help us re-gain control of our home, restore a sense of wellbeing and give us the confidence to own less more quality items. Welcome Chelsea!

1. Everyone is talking about de-cluttering and organising at the moment. Can you tell us why its not just a passing phase but is essential to our daily life?

De-cluttering is everywhere at the moment and I love that people are discovering this game changing way of life. However, decluttering and organising is not a passing phase it’s a lifestyle. This way of life requires commitment and dedication to its routine and management, but once you see the change it makes and how simple and easy your life becomes you cant help but want to put in an extra 15 minutes each and every time to ensure it is maintained.

Having an organised home is essential to stress free daily life, having an organised home allows you and your family to truly enjoy the space and utilise it to its full potential. Clutter provokes negative emotions, it causes us to be stressed, anxious and down right moody. Clutter makes it hard for us to get anything done, to appreciate the things we have and enjoy the beautiful space that is our home.

These days it is so easy to declutter and organise your home and life with Netflix documentaries, online courses (check out the Organising Platform), blogs and books but its only worth it if you maintain it.


2. What are the benefits of a well organised home?

Not only is an organised home good for you but its great for your whole family.

An organised home teaches our children about material objects and the importance that we place on the items we keep, the sentiment around the items we donate and the needlessness of the items we toss.

These are lessons that would benefit our children well into adulthood and forge habits that create a better way of living.
An organised home also allows you more time with your family, friends, hobbies and interests. We spend so much time every day looking for things, creating space for things and trying to get organised, by prioritising the time to embrace organising and decluttering you get that time back and then some in the long run, time better spent with family and friends.

The Cover Collective interview with Chelsea from The Organising Platform


3. What are your top 3 tips on finding the motivation to make positive changes in your home and begin getting organised and clutter-free in 2019?

My first tip would be to not let it overwhelm you. Everyday I meet clients who are so overwhelmed by their decluttering project that they procrastinate and avoid it all together. That’s why I created my online course, it breaks the decluttering process down into quick and achievable modules that can be completed in as little as 10 minutes. By trying to do too much at one time most of us just end up giving up.

The second tip would be to start in a room that causes your frustration daily, it might be the kids wardrobe or the toy room. By choosing a room that will make a positive impact on your life once organised you will see the fruits of your labour instantly and be inspired to follow this trend throughout your entire home.

My third and final tip is to get your partner or family involved. The more people that are invested in this journey the more likely it is that you will maintain the change and maintain motivation.


4. How can we be more mindful when purchasing products for our home and ensure that we are only purchasing items that connect with who we are and our values?

Do your research before purchasing and set your self an impulse buy budget. If you set a budget of $20 then you will know that you need to consider every non-essential purchase over that amount. This will ensure that we don’t purchase based only on emotion but that every item has a purpose, function or need.

This will also ensure that we practice mindfulness and don’t live in excess. You will also find this is a great tip for sticking to budget and saving money, double win!

 The Cover Collective interview with Chelsea from The Organising Platform


5. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, getting a good night’s sleep can be something that becomes less of a priority. As a business owner, how do you ensure you make time for getting enough sleep? 

I love sleep and after having two children I know how precious it is. To ensure I get quality sleep each night I have a evening routine. This helps me wind down, relax and take my mind off the busy day just been or the hectic day ahead.

From about 9pm each night I don’t look at my phone, I like to use this time once the kids have gone to bed to have quality time with my husband, tidy the house and relax with a cup of tea. By reducing my screen time I reduce the business fuzz in my mind. You know the fuzz, its all the thoughts that run through your head one thousand miles an hour and almost always stop you from sleeping.

By sticking to my evening routine and ensure my home is tidy I know I can get a good nights sleep.


6. What does your average day look like & what is your most requested service?

An average day for me starts bright and early, its usually kids, coffee and kinder drop off then off to meetings, planning sessions or client visits  ( Each and every day is difference and I have learnt to be agile and adapt, as many business women would know balancing a business and a family is hard work, I love them both but the juggle is real.

One of my most popular services is a half day decluttering service (, this service can beused in any part of the house but the most common is by far the pantry. My client's are obsessed with organised pantries not only do they look beautiful when you have guests but it makes meal times a break, unpacking the groceries super simple, there is less wastage, and managing the kids snacks easy peasy!

The Cover Collective interview with Chelsea from The Organising Platform


7. What’s the best advise you’ve received?

I’ve been lucky enough to receive plenty of great advice along the journey, both on my business journey and my personal organising and decluttering journey. But the best advice I have received that transcends both of these worlds is to always look at the big picture.

No matter what you do look at where your want to be and how you want to finish, by doing this you will always make great choices that will benefit you now and in the future and achieve the goals you have in place.


8. What’s coming up for The Organising Platform?

So much!! 2019 is going to be a big year for the Organising Platform, last year we released our first online course “Chaos to Calm”  ( and this year we will be reopening our doors to students with even more bonus content – the course is full of strategies geared towards helping individuals to overcome the overwhelm, mindfully declutter, organise and maintain there home with ease. It’s a vibrant community that I am extremely proud of.

We are working on new and innovative products to add to our online store ( that will change the way we utilise our space and will enable even the most unorganised person to be organised and live in harmony.

But most of all we have some super exciting free content for our community that supports us so much. They give us so much and we really love to give back. Watch this space!

 Thank you for taking the time to read our interview. 

Please leave us a comment and let us know how much you loved it.

Sleep Well,


The Team at The Cover Collective 



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