How To Style Pinstripe

For a statement that is as timeless as it is eye-catching, consider our pinstripe linen. There really is no pattern quite so classic and versatile as a good pinstripe. Easy on the eye, and infinitely variable. Our pinstripe is unique and can transform your bedroom, we’re calling it now, the kind of modern stripe that is set to be a new classic. 

The Cover Collective’s newest addition to the core collection is pinstripe, a beautiful soft charcoal stripe that pairs easily with both warm and cool colours.

Stripes might be a design go-to, but how do you style them? We're here to help!


olive charcoal pinstripe french linen

If you’re after a more muted feel pair with Charcoal or Olive, this will create a natural and earthy look. Matching the soft charcoal tones of our pinstripe with deeper and bold shades is the perfect choice for summer bedroom styling, by adding our pinstripe fitted sheet, top sheet and pillowcases, you’re instantly refreshing your bedroom without having to completely overhaul your quilt cover (magic right?!)


olive and pinstripe

If you’re after a softer more minimal look, styling pinstripe with our sage, natural or white will highlight the pinstripe and give your room a more relaxed look. Cool, light and summery is the vibe you’re going to get here.


pinstripe linen

pinstripe linen


Pairing our pinstripe with our lighter hues; think lilac, nude blush and grey, is going to lighten up your bedroom and create an exceptionally calming sanctuary. Soft and feminine, subtle and minimal. 


By mixing up your bed linen with different colour combinations you're going to keep your styling game on point, be able to easily do a seasonal refresh on your bedroom look and play with different styles to suit your mood (it also has the added benefit of giving you multiple options even when you’ve got one set in the wash!)

Pinstripe was designed to perfectly compliment our core collection colours (and of course, was a match made in heaven for our limited edition lilac!) So branch out, add our subtle and charming pinstripe to your French linen collection. And if you’re still not sure how to best mix and match, as always, get in touch, we love to help with that stuff!



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