Interior Trends 2022

The importance of creating a home that elicits calm, comfort and happiness has been an important goal for centuries. Although no two homes will ever be the same, we can take inspiration from trends and staples to build a space that is personal to us. This year, we will be seeing a mixture of modern and vintage. Think leather upholstery, mixed textures and bold colours. We’ve done the research as to what you can expect in interior trends for 2022 and we can't wait to hear what you think.

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Shades of Brown

This year, expect to see a lot more use of colour in comparison to the previous neutrals. Looking to shades including chocolate brown, caramel, and cognac, that are still akin to colours found in nature. They provide a level of depth that was previously excluded in trends of all-white and hues of beige and we are loving it.

Add a new dimension to your space with a pillow, throw or décor pieces. Check out our French Linen Throw in Wheat. Take it to the next level with these vases from Country Road (Buy online at David Jones) or decorative bowl from Temple & Webster that will pair nicely if you’re already working with a neutral palette.

From Outside Within

After a few years spent inside, it’s no surprise that elements from nature are finding their ways into our hearts (and our bedrooms). Although not a new trend, the use of textures from the natural world will continue to grow. We’ll be seeing more marble, terracotta, and stoneware across backsplashes, bathrooms, furniture, and décor pieces.

Our French Linen Quilt Covers are the perfect textural addition to your bedroom and provide a luxe backdrop for on-trend accent pieces like this terracotta lamp from Temple & Webster.

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Oh, So Vintage (and Sustainable)

Being conscious of the footprint we leave on the earth is always on trend and this year we’ll be taking vintage pieces and giving them a second life (or third) life.

Check your local thrift or vintage store for things like bold colours, different textures, and mushroom shapes. For online purchases look to eBay and Etsy.



Images: via Pinterest

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