One step closer to the perfect nights sleep.

In a survey we recently did, almost all of our followers said they would love to hear more about how to improve their sleep, so we enlisted a professional to give us the facts about what works and what doesn't!
Shea is the co-founder and sleep expert at The Goodnight Co. which launched in 2015. Fellow mum's, Shea & Danielle launched TGC with a goal to help the world fall back in love with sleep, and believe that having a sleep ritual, and sticking to it constantly, is key to improving sleep. We cant wait to hear more.

We would love to hear more about The Goodnight Co. and how you came together with your best friend to create your dream job?
Danielle and I were pregnant with our youngest children when we started The Goodnight Co., and as Mothers we already had a deep understanding of the necessity of sleep.  Lack of sleep, especially for mothers, can cause havoc to our health and we wanted to find a solution to help sleep deprived mum's.  We created luxury products across silk products, bed and bath, aromatherapy and tea to help people create sleep rituals and find some time to reclaim for themselves amongst the business of being a Mum.
In todays fast paced lifestyle, winding down and getting a good nights sleep is much harder. Can you tell us about your bedtime routine?
Since I was young I have always needed alot of sleep and I know that I simply cannot function well without it.  So for me, my sleep ritual is SO important. I know I need between at least 7 to 8 hours and if I can, more on the weekends.  After dinner when I am wanting everyone to wind down, I start to turn off and dim the lights in our house, light some candles and diffuse some calming oils to help set the tone.  As a Water Sign, I love baths and would have one 3 to 4 times a week, this is my time to relax and read a book, listen to music or simply do nothing. In summer, when we have more light I take the family for a barefoot walk down the drive to help ground and relax. In winter, we light a fire each night and I find this so relaxing - it really creates such a warm environment. I am not a big fan of TV so my evening’s are a great time to enjoy a book and have a cup of tea. Just before bed, I use our Deep Sleep Tincture, a few drops of this under the tongue is a guarantee for a good night sleep!
What tips and tricks do you have for enjoying a more quality sleep?
To be honest I am a good sleeper! But there are times that I can struggle to fall asleep so if I’m having trouble sleeping I use a Sleep Mask, this definitely helps send signals to the brain that it is time to get ready for sleep. I’ll use our Deep Sleep Supplement Powder if I’m feeling restless. The Deep Sleep Powder has been designed to aid uninterrupted sleep and to build regular sleep patterns. Whilst you can make it into a warm drink, I sometimes add the powder to my bliss balls as an evening treat. 
Many of our followers are mum's which means we are usually up a few times a night attending to our kids. Can you recommend anything that can help us drift back off?
I am one of these Mums, that’s for sure! My daughter has recently hit the ‘scary monsters’ / bad dreams at night stage… so I can certainly relate. Again, I find that a Sleep Mask is a great way to help fall back to sleep, with a few drops of the Deep Sleep Tincture. Alternatively, breathing can also be a great strategy if you don’t have these products, I love the 4-7-8 technique - you exhale through your mouth and then close it and inhale through your nose for 4 counts. You hold the breath in for 7 counts, then release it in 8 counts, and repeat at least three times. It really slows and calms your mind and muscles to remind your body that it’s time for rest. 
I absolutely love a good cuppa before bed. Is there a specific tea I can drink to help me enjoy a better nights sleep?
I am a big fan of tea! In the evenings, I am really conscious of which ones I’ll have as some contain caffeine. Having blends with chamomile, passionflower, fennel, liquorice and ginger can all be great when winding down in the evenings. Of course, we have a Goodnight Tea which is created with just these! It was developed with a Medical Herbalist and it’s blended in New South Wales, and its aroma is as satisfying as the taste. 
What’s the best advise you’ve received?
Just start!  Sometimes it can be so hard to move forward and we get stuck - in our job, relationships, in everything that is going on around us, but by taking baby steps and just starting in the right direction of the areas we want to change can really help shift the dial. For example, starting a new sleep ritual or routine can be as simple as making a beautiful pot of tea or lighting a candle or taking a bath. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated, and just by starting and taking action, it can make such a big difference.
What’s coming up for The Goodnight Co.?
There’s always so much in the works for The Goodnight Co.! We’ve recently been working on some new products which will be launched by Christmas, so stay tuned. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our interview. 

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Sleep Well,

Nikki @ The Cover Collective xx

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