The Why, Where and How of SLEEP.

Take care of yourself and sleep.

Sleep – we can’t escape it.
Some survive on a few hours; others aren’t ready for the day until they’ve got a decent 12 hours of sleep under their belt. But, for something that takes up such a large part of our time, we don’t seem to know enough about it.
At the end of the day, the way we hit the sack is impacting the way we take on the next morning. Here’s three reasons why you’re going to be sleeping a little longer, and reaching over for the 6am snooze button more times than you can count sheep.
 1. We spend around one third of our life asleep
    Yep. You read that correctly. On average, we spend one third of our life asleep. But just because our body is resting, doesn’t mean our brain is.
    While we drift off to snooze land, our body is refuelling and regenerating. It is creating new cells, cleansing systems, and releasing hormones to generate new tissue and allow for repair. Sleep literally prepares our body and mind for a new day. So, if you aren’t utilising this time to ensure that your sleep is as sound as possible, you’re missing out on critical moments where your body is repairing itself.
     It’s because of this reason we fell in love with linen. Linen becomes softer and more comfortable the more hours it is slept in. It ensures that we are able to completely rest and recover during the hours that our body needs it most.
    2. We can’t, physically, survive without sleep.
      We wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for our shut eye. To put things into perspective, being awake for 17 hours straight decreases your performance as if your blood alcohol level were .05%. This means that the less sleep we have, the higher our chance of getting sick, losing our focus, and even (no, we’re not being dramatic) losing our sanity.
      Dark circles, feelings of hunger, and common colds are all signs and side effects of not enough sleep. Take the time to make your bed, change your pillowcases, and create a softer bedroom colour palette- including softer greys, and beiges- to completely embrace and enjoy the sleep process.
      3. Sleep is one of the most basic, valuable things we can do for our body
        It’s been said that the longest period recorded without sleep is 18 days, 21 hours and 40 minutes. That’s nearly 19 days of no sleep, which resulted in hallucinations, paranoia, slurred speech, blurred vision and lapses in concentration and memory. The lack of sleep, although a basic task, was the main cause of these side effects. YES! Lack of sleep did this. 
        The more sleep you get, the healthier your mind, and body. It’s a simple task, which brings optimum results. It is one of the most valuable things we can do for our body; physically, emotionally and mentally. So, if you’re the ‘early bird catches the worm’ type of person… be sure to go to bed that little bit earlier. That way, the worm has a better chance of being caught.
        Take care of yourself, and sleep!

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