Top 7 Styling Tips To Warm Your Home

We are spending more time than EVER at home, so whilst everything feels a little (A LOT) messier; dining tables have become offices and lounge rooms have turned into jungle gyms, our home is still our haven. The colder months (actually, damn Icelandic here in Melbourne), with us in hibernation, mean we are always on the lookout for ways to make our homes feel warmer. Take it from the Scandis to be all over the warm vibe, if you haven’t heard of Hygge (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah), which can be roughly translated as 'cosiness' or 'the art of creating intimacy' (you’re sold already right!?) you NEED to. It’s all about warmth and contentment, walking into your home and immediately getting the “I love to live here” vibe. Without further ado here’s our top 7 styling tips to warm your home and banish the winter blahs (that don’t involve getting that open firing raging...but we’d suggest you stockpile some firewood too)...

rust and peach linen

1. Holiday vibes 

You’re dreaming about a tropical holiday right now, aren’t you! Choosing rattan for some interior pieces will add warmth and texture to your room. Think a rattan armchair with soft textiles (for the ultimate snuggly experience, drape a throw or blanket in muted peach tones across the back of your rattan chair), an insta-worthy rattan floor lamp with a warm toned bulb or a gorgeous rattan bedside table with an un-put-downable book. The most incredible thing about rattan is its ability to transcend across a multitude of interior styles and trends. Rattan is perfectly at home in a relaxed bedroom, our pick is this Chevron Hanging Chair from Koko Collective which perfectly complements our pure linen bedding.

Koko Collective

2. Air of opulence

Plush, soft and oh so luxe, adding velvet to your interior styling works wonders for creating a feeling of warmth (not just whilst you’re stroking your new velvet chair). Adding a hint of this luscious fabric is a simple way to add warmth, depth and texture to any room. We LOVE linen with velvet, our tip is to go with a velvet bedhead (like this stunner from Heatherly Design) and then break up the velvet with all linen bedding. The velvet colours that are dominating interiors; green, in all shades whether it be forest, emerald or olive. Pairing the soft-touch fabric with minimalist natural furniture creates a balance between warmth and sophistication in the home. Adding velvet adds a regal elegance to bedrooms, and let’s face you are a Queen.


Velvet Bedhead

3. Let There Be Light

Honestly, the way you light your home can seriously impact its cosy factor, a totally simple way to create warmth from your lighting, is switching your globes out for warm toned, and adding lampshades or textured bulbs to any exposed globe lamps. Simples. Invest in a beautiful mirror (we LOVE the bjorn arch floor mirror in brass from the uncommon room)! One with gold or bronze accents will add a warm glow to your room as well as a beautiful contemporary touch. You know that sunny little corner, fix the mirror on the opposite wall, magic, you’ve just doubled the sunlight, seriously, it works, and gives this heavenly feeling of warmth and light to a room. Getting the lighting right will bring a feeling and ambience even more than something tangible will.

Arch mirror

4. Bring In The Botanicals

Whilst we are not outdoors so much (hello frostbitten lawns) bringing the outside in is a perfect way to create warmth, calmness and cosiness to any room. Earthy tones, like olive and rust are warm and soothing, making our homes feel calm and inviting. If you’re one with a strong record for killing indoor plants, there are some amazing preserved floral, like this perfect bunch from August Wildflower. Displaying branches, again preserved ones still do the trick if you’re not one for picking up sticks, bring that natural element and automatic sense of warmth to your home. Earthy rust is sophisticated and modern, and an easy way to add aesthetic warmth to your home is with cushions and throws in rust, preferably in chunky knit fabrics that cry out to be touched.

August Wildflowers

5. Walking on Sunshine

This may not be a breakthrough for creating warmth in your home, but hear us out. Embrace rugs in natural materials, and for the cooler months especially, go extra-tactile. And rugs in the bedroom are essential, creating warmth as soon as you climb out of bed by laying down a wool shag rug or sheepskin rug on either side of the bed, (or hell, go all out with a gigantic rug) rugs from natural materials give rooms a beautiful raw look, and create character through their imperfections which are part of the appeal. This Farrah Marble Grey Braided Wool Rug from Miss Amara is the perfect way to add a sense of tactile luxury to your bedroom, instant warming the moment you step out of bed with a deliciously chunky texture that is simply heavenly to bare feet.

Amara Rugs

6. There’s something in the air

Styling to warm your home is about ALL the senses, and we already know you’ve got good taste, so now we wanna talk about smell! We definitely relate smell to season so it makes sense that getting the scent right in our homes can add to that feeling of warmth. Swapping out room perfumes, diffusers and candles in summery scents like coconut and lime, for wintery scents. Like SoH Melbourne Candle Mr Moss: Moss, Wood, Vetiver & Smoke. Mr Moss is a man who has his open fire roaring in the log cabin. A sense of sophistication. Or their Agape candle: Oakwood, Leather, Moss & Patchouli. The Greek word for “all encompassing love, a defining love, my whole heart love” . Beautiful notes of Wood & Moss combined with an elegant Rum undertone together with a touch of Patchouli to give subtle freshness and to finish off a warm note of Leather. Designed by Kristine Brown in honour of her Father. This fragrance is a tribute to a great man & Papa. “I wanted to evoke a memory of sitting in front of a fire after dinner with my Dad. Glass of wine in hand and talking about all things life and listening to him talk.” You’re feeling warmer already right? Just wait until you light the candles!

SOH Melbourne Candles

7. The snuggle is real

There is something to be said for the way linen feels—it’s soft without being slick, and clearly all-natural, without being scratchy. Linen bedding is the best option, all year long. You'll stay cozy all night, whilst the breathable nature of Linen will help you keep your cool.  Linen is cooler in summer and warmer in winter than any other bed linen fibres, it’s soft, light and warm. You know we are a little bit (a lot) obsessed with the rich texture and appearance of linen, which gives it an alluring lived-in quality that feels cosy, welcoming and familiar. Linen is uh-may-zing for lots of layering, so perfect for creating your cosy cool weather haven, think a pile of European pillows and a textured knit throw on your Linen dressed bed. We are all about an earthy, warming, cool weather palette and our newest additions; rust, peach and olive are the ones to pick for a season spent in bed.

Now put on your best loungewear and make sure your wine rack is fully stocked with red so there's no need to emerge from your home until we hit Summer.

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