French Linen Throw - WheatFrench Linen Throw - Wheat
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French Linen Throw - Wheat

French Linen Throw - IvoryFrench Linen Throw - Ivory
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French Linen Throw - Ivory


Linen Bedcover

You May Find it Difficult to Stop at Just One Linen Bedcover

Not only will you enjoy a better quality of sleep, but your peace of mind will benefit too since our products are sustainably sourced. Pure French linen is also one of those rare items that does not wear the same way as bedding made from other materials. Your linen will remain soft and luxurious for several years.

Enjoy the Luxurious Versatility of Our Linen Throws

Firstly, we feel it’s important to note that there is a slight but distinct difference between a blanket and a throw. Essentially, while blankets and throws both serve the same purpose in that they are designed to keep you warm, the main distinction comes down to size. Blankets come in different sizes to match the size of your bed. A throw is generally one standard size – ours measure 180cm x 230cm. These use heavyweight linen, weighing 410 grams per square metre.

  • You may choose to display your linen throw at the foot of your bed or drape it aesthetically over a chair in your bedroom. Either way, it will provide extra warmth when you need it on cooler nights or rainy days.
  • Alternatively, you may decide your throw will be better utilised as a linen couch throw, which is always handy for an evening in front of the TV or on your couch with a good book. Whether you prefer wheat or ivory, our throws are the perfect addition to any room.

How to Care for Your Natural Linen Throw

As with any natural fabrics, it is vital that you care for your French linen throws appropriately to ensure their longevity. The better care you take of your throws, the longer you’ll be able to enjoy them. So, the beautiful white linen throw you ordered from us has arrived, and you’re not quite sure how to wash it.

  • Firstly, we stone wash the linen before shipping it to you, and you’ll need to wash it on a gentle cycle using cold water. Remember, less is more when it comes to detergent, so try not to use too much. The same applies to fabric softeners. You shouldn’t be washing other items with your linen.
  • Next, you’ll need to dry your linen. Ideally, you should hang it out on the line to dry, but you can use your tumble drier on a low setting if this is not possible. Take the throw out of the drier before it’s completely dry to avoid damaging the fibres. You don’t need to worry about the excess lint on the throw when you first use your tumble drier – this will decrease over time.
  • Finally, make sure that your linen is completely dry before you put it away or on your bed to avoid a lingering damp smell.

Choose the Linen Bundle That Best Suits You

We’re pretty confident that you’ll enjoy our white linen throw so much that you’ll want to add it to your collection. You’ll be delighted to hear that we have a selection of linen bundles specially designed to meet your sleep needs and preferences.

  • The idea behind our bundles is relatively straightforward. You’ll begin the process with the size of your bed and the fit of linen you prefer.
  • For example, if you have a king-size bed and prefer oversized quilts, our king upsize bundle is ideal for you. This bundle contains one standard pillowcase set, a king flat sheet, a king fitted sheet and a super king quilt cover.
  • Alternatively, the queen bundle offers a standard pillowcase set, a queen fitted sheet, a queen flat sheet, and a queen quilt cover.
  • By investing in one of our fabulous linen bundles, you can save up to $200.

The Origin of French Linen

French linen is made using flax grown in France, where the climate is ideal for flax growth. In addition, flax is a sustainable crop grown using environmentally-friendly methods, which farmers have been practising and perfecting for centuries. The fibres are then woven into the luxurious fabric that you will soon grow to love.

We understand that linen can seem like a big investment, which is why we’d be happy to send you a fabric swatch in the colour of your choice. Don’t just take our word for it – the swatch will confirm what we’ve been saying all along.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you’d like any additional information about our range of linen products.