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Our Story

Welcome to our world.
A world where you will become completely obsessed with linen that is as luxurious as it is versatile.
Every single sense will be engulfed by the mix of soft, raw French linen with luxe minimalistic designs that are both easy on the eye, as well as gentle on the pocket.
Founded on the values of integrity, health, and happiness, The Cover Collective is an online Melbourne-based bedding company that takes the overheads out of retail costs while injecting the ‘wow’ factor right back in.
Every intricate detail is ticked off the list, as you are able to use the highest quality bedding products to transform your home, while knowing they are as safe as they are sophisticated. Being sustainable is at the core of our environmentally friendly business.
Our products are quality.
Our purpose is environmentally motivated.
Our passion is all things bedding.
Our focus is on the little things that make a BIG difference. The things that make the magic happen. The things that make you press the ‘snooze’ button on your alarm on a Monday morning because you are just too. Damn. Cosy!
The Cover Collective is the love child of Founder Nikki Capp, a modern mama bear whose passion for linen and all things bedding has taken over her life. The go-to girl when it comes to upcoming trends and styling, Nikki wanted pure linen to be an accessible luxury that more people could enjoy, more often.
Our main priority is to provide you with only the best quality in linen, at a fraction of the cost. We don’t do overheads; we don’t do additional fees. We’re all about getting the BEST products into your hands, at the BEST possible price. It’s as simple as that.  
Let’s just say, your Sunday morning snuggles are about to become a whole lot cuddlier.
The Cover Collective- your newest obsession.
★ Customer Reviews.

Customer Reviews.

27 reviews

I have a serious problem, I need to leave my bed for work.....but I don’t want to!!! So luxurious, so French, just Devine

Why did we wait so long!

We recently purchased a king bed for our new home and thought it was the perfect time to upgrade to linen! And my goodness, am I glad we did! These sheets are pure bliss to sleep in! Thank you Cover Collective - we couldn’t be happier with our choice. Great service too!

The softest, must luxurious linen EVER.

We couldn’t be happier with our new linen. The purest of “whites”, super soft and to top it off we received the best customer service from Nikki. Thank you!

Above the rest

I am a long time lover of linen and have several sets at home. Your product is by far the best quality linen that I now own. It is even better than other linen that was double the price. Great business, I will be back.

Would not hesitate to recommend

This looks and feels great! Even after a couple of weeks of use, they still look and feel fresh, not like some other sheets after the first use where they start to look worn out and have to be put in the laundry basket for another wash. The sack that it comes in is super cute and convenient, saves you space when you need to store it away. Would not hesitate to recommend this to any of my friends and family! Keen to get more from this range!