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Caring for your linen

Pure linen isn't fussy however if you give it the right amount of TLC it will last a lifetime.
All of our linen will arrive pre-washed (stone-washed in fact) however we always recommend giving it a wash prior to sleeping in it.
Always wash your bedding separate to anything else. Towels may leave lint and any zippers or buttons may roughen the smooth texture of your linen. We also recommend that you don’t overdo the washing powder or fabric softener, a minimal amount of washing powder and no softener is best to preserve the longevity of your linen.
No need to dry clean your linen, a cold machine wash on a gentle cycle will do the trick. Also, wash your colour’s and whites separately, this will ensure you preserve the colour of the linen.
Linen is all about that natural, relaxed, lived in look, but should you wish to be rid of the wrinkles only use an iron on a low setting to make sure you're not burning the fibres. The same goes for using your tumble dryer, only use on a low setting and remove your linen from the dryer before it is completely dry. This will ensure the fibres are not being damaged by any excessive heat. Using the tumble dryer can sometimes increase the amount of lint your linen produces however this will dramatically reduce after the first few washes. For best results, line dry where possible

If you plan on storing your linen away in the storage bag after its washed you should ensure it is completely dry as any moisture left in the fibres could give it a damp smell. Also make sure to never store your linen in containers etc. as it needs to breathe.

★ Customer Reviews.

Customer Reviews.

24 reviews
Above the rest

I am a long time lover of linen and have several sets at home. Your product is by far the best quality linen that I now own. It is even better than other linen that was double the price. Great business, I will be back.

Would not hesitate to recommend

This looks and feels great! Even after a couple of weeks of use, they still look and feel fresh, not like some other sheets after the first use where they start to look worn out and have to be put in the laundry basket for another wash. The sack that it comes in is super cute and convenient, saves you space when you need to store it away. Would not hesitate to recommend this to any of my friends and family! Keen to get more from this range!

Definitely Recommend

Absolutely in love with my "The Cover Collective_Linen purchase. I will definitely be recommending to everyone I know! Amazing product, beautiful packaging and great service


In love with my new linen bedding, the light grey is perfect in my room and it was so affordable compared to other brands. Will defiantly be purchasing again soon.


I now have two sets of your fabulous pure French linen quilt covers. Comfort and care 11/10