Thank you for making the conscious decision to love linen.


 Before you make your bed

 Your linen has been mindfully stone washed and cleansed. However, it’s recommended that you wash your items prior to sleeping in them.

 This can be done in a cold machine wash while on a gentle cycle. The best results happen when you wash your linen on its own, while separating the whites and the colours to ensure the natural colour is preserved.

 Our linen is environmentally friendly, and so is the washing and drying process. We recommend using a low, tumble dry setting. Remove the linen before it is completely dry to be sure that the fibres are not damaged by excessive heat. A tumble dry can increase the amount of lint produced for the first few washes. This will reduce over time. However, for best results, line dry where possible.

Linen is naturally simple. It doesn’t require a lot of washing powder or fabric softener to ensure a thorough clean. Too much cleaning product will create a coating that reduces the lifespan of the linen. Keep the cleaning process simple.

 If you want to alter the natural look of your linen, iron it on a low setting. This will flatten out any wrinkles while ensuring that no fibres are burnt in the process.  


After you’ve washed your sheets

 Linen needs to breath. Ensure that it is completely dry before storing it away to avoid the fibres producing a damp smell, and avoid storing it in containers at all costs.

 The more you wash your linen, the softer it becomes. Enjoy the natural simplicity of linen.

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