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Why Linen?

Our obsession will have you living in a world of indulgent luxury, and here’s why; 
100% pure French linen. Have you experienced it? It’s sensational. It’s superior. It’s soft. REALLY SOFT. 
The Cover Collective’s products are made from 100% pure linen, and woven from French flax. As one of the oldest and most luxurious fabrics used for bedding, it is completely understandable that the snuggly feel of linen can keep you in bed for just 15 minutes longer… actually, make that 20! Being 30% stronger than cotton-based products, our linen will last the long haul when cared for correctly. From jumping toddlers to tired tradies, our bedding will stand the test of time and we work hard to make sure it isn’t any other way.
Our focus is on creating soft, lived in linen that encourages rest and relaxation. We want your family to be able to rest, sleep and repeat, with no exceptions.
All of our linen undergoes a stone washing process prior to being delivered to you. This ensures that you receive only the softest of linen products that bring comfort to your home, and your family. It’s a win/win.
What’s more is that our linen will just get better with age. The more that you wash, sleep and live in it… the better! (Jealous? We sure are).
All jealousy aside, we have worked really hard on sourcing only the best pure French linen for you, and signed on the dotted line because we knew that we had finally found a product that met our expectations.
The outstanding health benefits of pure linen speak for themselves.  We could say that;
It is antibacterial, which means that it directly repels bacteria and has amazing benefits for your complexion.
We could say that;
It’s completely hypoallergenic which is a godsend for people with allergies.
We could even say that;
It’s both breathable and absorbent, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. So you can say au revoir to sweaty, summer nights.
But, we wouldn’t want to bore you with all the fine print now, would we?!
Would you believe that our linen is eco-friendly, pretty amazing, huh? It is a completely natural fibre that is extracted from the stalk of a flax plant.
Only the best fibres of the flax plant are used for bed linen, so you can feel comforted knowing that while you’re embraced by the softest of sheets you are also surrounded by eco-friendly products.
Using up to twenty times less water and energy than the production of cotton or other synthetic products, linen also requires five times less fertilisers or pesticides to harvest.  It’s safe for the environment, ticks all the boxes, and we’re hooked. 
When you invest in linen, you’re giving yourself and our planet a HUGE hug.
Once you experience the luxurious world of pure French linen, you won’t want to go back.

★ Customer Reviews.

Customer Reviews.

29 reviews
Love the colour!

I was quite hesitant purchasing this colour as I wasn't sure how it would look in my room but I couldn't be happier. It is the perfect colour and the linen is super soft! Thank you! I will be back for more!

Perfect linen

My new sheets are beautiful. Perfectly soft and a wonderful weight. I adore linen but not all linen is equal. I bought these sheets after being so impressed with the duvet cover- the quality of these products is amazing, I am now saving my pennies to buy another set!


I have a serious problem, I need to leave my bed for work.....but I don’t want to!!! So luxurious, so French, just Devine

Why did we wait so long!

We recently purchased a king bed for our new home and thought it was the perfect time to upgrade to linen! And my goodness, am I glad we did! These sheets are pure bliss to sleep in! Thank you Cover Collective - we couldn’t be happier with our choice. Great service too!

The softest, must luxurious linen EVER.

We couldn’t be happier with our new linen. The purest of “whites”, super soft and to top it off we received the best customer service from Nikki. Thank you!