Our Favourite Looks from 2021

Here at The Cover Collective, we absolutely love to see the creativity and talent of our customers. It's always satisfying to see how one product can be so versatile and find itself fitting perfectly into different colour palettes and styles. 

Although a hard task, we've selected a couple of our favourite looks from 2021.

On the left we see @amastudiointeriors utilising a mixtures of colours and textures to create a neutral space that is anything but ordinary. Shop the look with our Natural Quilt Cover and Pinstripe Sheet Set (Bundle & Save). On the right, @natluzzi has broken up the neutral shades with bold patterns, textures and a pop of dark blue. Bundle our Natural Quilt Cover with White Sheet Set and drape with a throw to achieve the same look.

Neutral or muted hues can be the ideal canvas to introduce other colours, trends or patterns while still creating a calm space. Below, we see @angelapatsoura create a juxtaposition with bed linen in muted tones and darker furniture, pulled together with a dark focal point in the centre. Recreate the look by bundling our Sage Quilt Cover and White Sheet Set. 

Although adding more colour creates gorgeous spaces, keeping the palette neutral can aid in building your bedroom to be a calm retreat. Below, on the left, @oh.eight.oh.nine has styled a gorgeous bedroom for her client's young daughter. The room is bright, light and includes our Quilt Cover in Nude Blush. Shop the look by bundling our quilt covers and sheet sets in blush, grey and white. On the right, a similar tone is set by @houseofharvee. Although using a muted colour (our Sage Quilt Cover), the pairing with our Natural Sheet Set and beige bedhead neutralises and softens the stronger colours in the room. 

 An accent cushion can give so much depth to your bed styling. On the left, @tanjamitrov.studio has introduced different textures with the back throw pillows and tied it all together with a more simple front rectangular one. The bedhead in @alisha.rae.creative's is the focal point with a printed pillow placed in front to accentuate without overpowering. Both of these gorgeous styling options use versatile shades in the bed linen. Recreate either of these with our White Quilt Cover or Natural Quilt Cover. 

 These images courtesy of @natluzzi (left) and @oakandorange (right) use very similar colour palettes in such different ways. @natluzzi has used the Natural Quilt Cover as a base and added colours with a layering technique, whereas @oakandorange have used colour in the bed linen (Sage Quilt Cover) and neutral tones to complement. It would appear that both have taken inspiration from the natural world and created stunning looks.

 In contrast with above, @oakandorange (below, left) has switched the style and opted for a white base (White Quilt Cover) and layered different textures and shades of browns and beige to build a luxurious and natural vibe. @blue_door_abode has introduced more colour from the world outside and introduced a sage hue to complement the natural textures that can be seen in the bedhead, lighting and decor. 

 There is something about an almost monochrome bedroom that somehow offers so much dimension. On the left, we have @why__dee's stunning bed where Tom can be seen sneaking in a nap. Pairing natural and white together is the perfect go to that will never go out of style. @happilyeverafterstartshere_'s bedroom is a luxurious dreamscape featuring shades of natural that come together so effortlessly (it's clearly also a very calming environment - I wouldn't want to get up either). Recreate both of these looks with our Natural Quilt Cover and Sheet Set and our White Sheet Set.


 In the below image, @zephyr_and_stone have taken our White Quilt Cover and added bold shades of black and green, complemented with hues of grey to build this stylish, modern and sleek bedroom design. It reminds me of a modern, luxury hotel - the kind that you never want to leave.


Speaking of adding pops of colour, our next images have incorporated shades of orange / rust (@haveninteriorstyle) as well as the added blush and olive (@white.grey.all.day) to create a warm feel. In 2022, we'll be seeing more colour introduced into our homes and I know which inspiration pictures I'll have! To create the look at home, shop our White or Natural Quilt Cover and Sheet Sets. 

 Our wonderful customers @moodcollectiveau (left) and @the_simplestyle (right) have used neutral colours as a base with a dash of colour to bring the space together. The juxtaposition of the White Quilt Covers and the tan and sage, respectably, elicits a calm and welcoming space. What more could you ask for when snuggling in for sleep?

 If you weren't already convinced of the luxury afforded by French Linen, the next two images are all you need (what other fabric would look this good for your nightly Saint Laurent snack?). Although the bedscape is simple, the added textures of fur and luxury pieces (looking at you cozy slippers and gold fork), create the most effortlessly chic space. Shop the look with our Natural or White Quilt Cover and Sheet Sets

Please continue to tag us in your photos because we absolutely love to see them. Thank you to everyone that shared their work with us in 2021, we can't wait to see what you do in 2022. 

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