Linen Quilt Covers

Feel the Difference With Linen Quilt Covers

If there is one place you want to snuggle down and get cosy, it's in your bed. With our linen quilt covers, your bedroom will not only look stylish and inviting, but you can enjoy a better night’s rest. Unlike traditional fabrics that were heavy and could feel scratchy against your skin, our 100 percent French linen duvet cover is the ideal weight for sleeping, offers hypoallergenic properties, and can reduce moisture providing you with comfortable sleeping conditions.

Discover Our French Linen Quilt Cover Range

You can be confident that our white quilt cover is made with pure French linen and is not a combination of cotton, polyester, or a linen blend.

  • Get the perfect size for your bed: We offer a wide range of sizes so you can get a white linen quilt cover, or another colour, for every bed in your home. Your kids and guests can also enjoy the comfort and sleeping benefits of a linen duvet.
  • Select a colour to suit your interior: You can get the ideal duvet to suit your bedroom’s colour scheme with our range of colours, including rust, charcoal, and sage quilt cover. We also have a selection of subtle hues, including bright white, nude blush, grey, and natural. Alternatively, you can select a limited edition reversible option with complementing shades on each side.
  • Opt for our free style advice: We provide exceptional and free assistance if you require some guidance and style advice for which duvet will best suit your room. You can email or direct message our team, and we will provide you with our recommendations for which duvet colour will complement your bedroom.

We stonewash our linen before delivery to soften the fibres and ensure you get that soft and cosy feel from the first night.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Linen Doona Covers?

We provide exceptional customer service and quality products.

  • Free fabric swatches: We know investing in a linen quilt cover is a big deal, and it can be difficult to select the perfect colour when relying on a photo for reference. For that reason, we can provide a free fabric swatch to help make your choice easier. You can choose your favourite colour, test the swatch next to other décor in your room, and get a better idea of how a full duvet cover will look. If you’re a designer or want to see the difference between several colours, we can provide a designer fabric swatch set.
  • Free delivery in Australia: We pride ourselves on processing orders promptly and offer free delivery nationwide. We carefully wrap your order in tissue paper and box into recyclable materials to protect your order during transport.
  • Pre-order your favourite colour: There is no need to miss out on your desired duvet size or colour with our pre-order option. Rather than waiting until our products are back in stock and potentially missing out, you can pre-order a product and secure your purchase. We open pre-orders when the stock is about six weeks from arriving on our shores, so you know you won’t have to wait too long for it to turn up on your doorstep.

How to Care for Your White Linen Duvet Cover

With our tips, you can care for your linen and ensure it remains in excellent condition.

  • Wash separately: While your linen cover is stonewashed before being sent to you, be sure to put it through a gentle cycle before laying it on your bed. You should wash your quilt separately from your clothes or other items. Zips, buttons, and Velcro from garments can cause pilling and wear and tear on your linen. You can keep the washing powder to a minimum, and there is no need for fabric softener as the quilt fabric is naturally soft.
  • Dry thoroughly: Line drying outside in the sunshine is best for your linen. However, if you do use a dryer, be sure to keep it on a low setting. We recommend removing your duvet cover from the appliance before it is completely dry to prevent damaging the linen fibres and finish the drying process in the open air, either inside or outside.
  • Iron and spread on your bed: If you prefer your linen to have more of a smooth and flat appearance rather than the natural crinkled look, you can easily iron it out on a low setting. Once you have it duvet to your liking, spread the duvet out on your bed and get ready to enjoy a cosy night’s sleep.

Tips for Storing Your Linen Duvet Cover

Changing out your duvet cover every season is an exciting and fun way to refresh your room. However, make sure that you store your spare linen quilt properly, so it is still in excellent condition for the next time you want to put it on your bed.

  • Avoid plastic storage options: Linen is a natural fibre and needs to breathe, so it is best to avoid plastic as a storage solution. Plastic bags and boxes can result in your linen duvet developing a yellow hue & funny smell.
  • Keep it in a cool place: Ensure that the cupboard where you store your linen fabric is cool and dry and has minimal light exposure. This ideal environment can make your linen last longer.

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You can sleep with premium quality and luxury linen when you shop from our range of duvet covers. We have a wide range of sizes and colours so you can get the perfect quilt to suit your bedroom. We use a secure online payment system and accept shop now, pay later options. Browse our range online or contact us with any questions.