You're intrigued, how do you care for this uh-may-zing linen product you speak of?!


I've stoned washed your linen prior to it be delivered to you however once it does arrive, it’s your turn to cold wash your loved ones on a gentle cycle (the linen, not your family). 

Wash your linen on its own and don’t forget to separate the colours from the whites. HOLD UP!No need to use too much washing powder or fabric softener.

 Linen is a simple fibre. Keep the washing products to a low to ensure your linen is at an all-time high.

2. DRY

I’d recommend hanging your linen out on the line. But if you can’t do that, dry on a low, tumble dry setting. Remove the linen before it is completely dry to minimise fibre damage. 

Linen needs to breeaathee. So, make sure it is completely dry before storing it away to avoid that damp smell your washing oozes when it’s been left wet in a basket. And please, for the love of linen, avoid storing your linen in containers at all costs. 

#FUN FACT: A tumble dry can increase the amount of lint produced for the first few washes. Don’t worry; this reduces over time. 

If you want to alter the natural look of your linen, give it an iron on a low setting and… VOILA.


You know what to do!