Linen Cushion Euro - NaturalLinen Cushion Euro - Natural
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Linen Cushion Euro - Natural

Linen Cushion Euro - SageLinen Cushion Euro - Sage

Linen Cushion Euro - Sage

Linen Cushion Lumbar - SageLinen Cushion Lumbar - Sage

Linen Cushion Lumbar - Sage


Linen Cushions

Linen Cushions: If You Know, You Know

There’s nothing like relaxing on the sofa at the end of a long, busy day. Treat yourself to quality fabrics to keep you cosy as you get your much needed ‘me time’. If you, like us, can’t get enough of the sensation of pure linen brushing against your skin, you’ll know that nothing quite compares.

We believe that attaining this level of comfort should not have to come at the cost of style. Get the best of both with our collection of premium linen cushions. Our range offers an aesthetically pleasing palette of neutral tones to compliment your unique décor without breaking the bank or the environment.

Holiday in Your Home With Our Linen Pillows

Have you ever wanted to get away just to indulge in the luxurious furnishings of hotels and resorts? Now you can experience that vacation feel every day without moving an inch. Here’s why you’ll love having your very own set:

  • Less travel, more TLC. Getting to your exotic destination can take hours, if not days. By the time you reach your location, you will most likely feel exhausted. Likewise, navigating a foreign town can be unpleasantly time- and energy-consuming and ultimately detract from the intended relaxation. Adding our luxury linen throw cushions to your living space at home will mean more time to chill rather than commute.
  • Reducing your footprint. We know how inconvenient and costly it can be to shop around town for your items of choice physically. With the demands of modern living, who’s got time for that anyway? Our online store makes this process quicker, easier, Covid-safe, and way more environmentally friendly. Access to our quality products is just a click away.
  • Easy to wash. Doing the laundry might very well become your favourite household chore with our natural linen cushions. This fabric is a dream to maintain, suitable for tumble drying or air drying. Unlike some materials, the turnaround time for this process can prove to be super speedy, thanks to our warm Aussie sunshine. Simple! Need we say more?

Share Your Love of French Linen Cushions

Give the gift of comfortable living to your loved ones (or yourself) with the to-die-for variations in our collection:

  • Green linen cushions. This double entendre refers to the long-term sustainability of the production of our designs, as well as their calming shades of green. These are available in Euro Sage or Lumbar Sage, each varying in size and shape but equally as supportive. If you or your besties are in need of serenity amidst the daily grind, this product will be a godsend.
  • Olive linen cushions. You might be wondering what exactly makes our olive linen cushions different to the green ones. The truth is, there is little to tell them apart aside from the accentuated neutral tone. We’ve stuck to the tried and trusted microfibre inner contained within a 258 GSM cover, making it light, supportive, and gentle on sensitive skin.
  • Tickled pink. Delight your friends and family with our sweet assortment of Dusty Blush cushions and covers. As with the above products, these are available in the standard square European size measuring 60cm x 60cm and smaller Lumbar dimensions (40cm x 60cm). Good luck getting your hands on it, though, as this is sure to be the most wanted item in the lounge. Sorry, not sorry.

The Best in Comfort and Style with The Cover Collective’s Linen Cushions

It’s high time to invest in your comfort and relaxation, not forgetting your unique style. Add a touch of luxury to your living space with our range of premium quality linen products. Our guarantee is simple: you get what you pay for, and in this case, your return on investment is pretty unreal. Did we mention that we also offer free shipping country-wide for orders over $90? What’s more, you have the option to shop now and pay later with our interest-free payment plan.

In the unlikely event of you not being 100% satisfied with what you receive, we will gladly refund you. So, what are you waiting for? Order your items of choice via our website or contact us to learn why we are utterly obsessed with pure French linen.