3 Ways to Encourage a Wholesome Household

Three easy ways to bring wholesome living into your home. Stop, breathe, believe.
Before time gets away from us, it’s important to look after now.
Days and nights are busy. We get it.
They begin to merge into one whole month, and before we know it, we’re sipping tea with our grandkids.
It’s important to understand that the things we love, the way we live and the thoughts we have in this very moment will greatly impact the way we sip our tea in years to come. Encouraging a wholesome household is one of the first steps that will allow us to enjoy the smaller moments, amongst the chaos of life.
Here are three of our favourite ways that encourage a wholesome household, and allow you to make the most of now;
1. Keep your whole being in mind
    Wholesome living isn’t just about yoga and green smoothies. It’s about understanding the balance that we need to make sure we’re living the life that we want. Set aside time to consider your needs physically, mentally and emotionally. This holistic approach to self-awareness can be done in bed every morning or night, snuggled amongst your linen sheet set and surrounded by the scent of your most favourite essential oils. This is the moment that you can take to reflect on your life, encouraging all of your senses and embracing all of life’s opportunities.
    Mind, Body, and Soul.
    2. Breathe and believe
      If reflection is the key to self-awareness, optimism is the door that leads us there.
      Take the time to stop, breathe, and believe that you are where you need to be. A positive outlook on life makes for a positive home. Keep your household wholesome with products that allow you to stop, breathe and believe. This can be the regular use of scented candles, not using technology for a certain period of time, or even smaller changes like the butter you use on your toast or the linen quilt cover that lays above your bed sheets.
      Stop, breathe, believe.
      3. Rest
        Rest is one of the most important aspects of living. It sits alongside water and oxygen. Once rest is introduced and cemented into your daily routine, your heart and home will begin to feel refreshed, rejuvenated and whole.
        However, rest isn’t all sleep and Netflix. It’s taking one moment to wash off your make-up, or taking ten minutes to drink a glass of water and step outside. One practical way to encourage rest is to utilise the benefits of your Cover Collective pillowcase set. It helps to rejuvenate your complexion while aiding to help allergies with quality material. It is a simple, wholesome approach to better living. 
        Make your rest time simple.
        Clean, simple, whole.

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