A match made in heaven: Coco Camellia X The Cover Collective Collaboration Collection

To say these colours have been in the works for a while would be understatement, I mean between a global pandemic & a team of perfectionists it's been quite the process. In all seriousness, partnering with Tara from Coco.Camellia on our first product collaboration was a no-brainer for us. Her signature muted palette, eye for detail & love of simplicity screamed match made in heaven.

Introducing, as Tara from Coco Camellia calls it, “the lilac combination you never imagined.” Fresh, youthful, yet sophisticated. Meet dreamy lilac, it’s love at first sight and guaranteed to take you to the land of nod. Muted soft purple, romantically wistful, our lilac will help you pull off pastel with a mature edge. This faded summery hue will deliver a dose of calming relaxation to the bedroom. Paired with pinstripe, a juxtaposition of traditional and modern, our pinstripe is charming, versatile and chic. Not stark white and not cream, a natural off-white sets the base for our charcoal stripes to take centre stage. Absolutely not uptight, pinstripe is a socialite and a chameleon. We may even go so far as to say that pinstripe is the most versatile addition to our collection.

2020, well let’s say...what a year?! In uncertain times, our homes become even more important. We want to feel safe and protected, and with colours, we can create the haven we need. In a world of noise, clutter and chaos (surely not just at my house right?!), we are drawn to the calming and the peaceful. By dialing down the volume of our homes, removing the unnecessary, and celebrating the simple. Chosen well, subtler, quieter colours can have a powerful impact, and that is why we created lilac. Lilac is not bold, she doesn’t  scream for attention, but she brings comfort and clarity in her softness and subtlety and plays a major role in the well-being concept we want to see in our homes. You know I'm a sucker for neutrals, but there is a time and place for a soft pastel like lilac, and the bedroom is absolutely the right place! Lilac is adaptable to the environment it is styled in; like pairing with natural for a boho look or crisp white for elegant chic.

If you talk about purple, you’ll often find it a divisive colour, people tend to either love it or hate it, but the muted quality of our lilac makes it more like a neutral, which is why it was the perfect choice for The Cover Collective and Coco Camellia Collaboration. Lilac has this amazing chameleon like quality, working with both warm colour and cool colours, making it versatile and an ideal companion to mix with our existing collection and will the linen you already have on your bed. Our lilac is a tiny drop of purple in a sea of white, chalky, neutral and subtle. Lilac in the bedroom is an ideal choice for exuding comfort and evoking a sense of solace and calm. And our pinstripe, it really is, to quote Tara @coco.camellia “the most amazing non standard pinstripe.” It is exclusive and cleverly designed, pairing perfectly with lilac (hence why we created the reversible lilac and pinstripe quilt cover for the best of both worlds!) AND pinstripe is versatile enough to work with every hue The Cover Collective’s range. Pairing lilac with pinstripe instantly creates a modern and edgy look, a perfect blend that is minimal, refreshing and soothing.


"I absolutely love this colour, it’s so so beautiful and the pin striping detail is to die for. I think we have created magic just at the right time, Lilac is currently trending in designer fashion runway, which means its heading straight for interiors next” Tara @coco.camemllia  We are starting to see lilac popping up in interiors from smaller items such as vases and mugs but also on major purchases like linens and chairs. Pastels will always be on trend, they’re so versatile they can work for any style. And with the world “turned on its head” this year, it’s natural to gravitate toward compassionate colours that allow us to create our own personal retreat from the world. Minimalist spaces don’t have to feel cold or empty; this pairing of lilac and pinstripe is a grounded and neutral palette with refreshing beauty balanced with the raw texture and tactility of pure French linen. Adding lilac is the easiest way to give a hint of colour to your bedroom because of its versatile and muted character, and it’s the perfect light shade for the warmer months, but can also work just as well when paired with warmer tones for cooler months, she's pretty amazing right!? Shades of purple are traditionally reserved for royalty, and well, if we can't be Queen of our own bedroom then where can we be! Add some regal charm to your bed in the form of glorious lilac French linen. Do yourself a favour and pair with our pinstripe, it’s honestly got to be seen to be fully appreciated, it’s one that will compliment all your linens forever after! Or dip your toes in the water by pairing lilac with your existing white or natural linen, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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