How To Throw A Throw

Just like the tousled bed-head look, a casually thrown throw’s effortless appearance actually takes a little more time to achieve than you would think, unless you choose a linen throw. The texture of linen will do all the styling hard work for you, as long as you choose a heavy weight 100% pure French linen, like The Cover Collective’s new release linen throws, at an extra heavyweight 410GMS. Nail it and it will give your room that designer edge, soften bold lines and fill a room with textured warmth. 


french linen throw

The simple sight of a throw instantly adds a degree or two of comfort to any bedroom. Throws are the perfect styling device for beds, and here’s the thing, it’s called a throw for a reason… pinch and “effortlessly” drape (or throw) over the corner of your bed, done! Throwing it on in an unintentional fashion looks a hell of a lot better than if you laboured over it for hours. It’s all about the rumpled, gathered, unfussy look (and here’s a secret, this works best with a throw blanket that has a bit of weight to it so it doesn’t rumple tooooo much, but not so heavy that it looks stiff). We’ve created our new linen throw to be the perfect weight to be both a cosy sleeping companion and the ultimate accessory to add texture, warmth and next level style to your bedroom.


French linen throw

But how do you style a throw blanket so it actually looks good?

When you make your bed, fold your throw horizontally and align it with the end of your bed, across the centre of your bed or drape it over a corner at the end of your bed, allowing for some fabric to cascade over the edge of your bed, and even graze the floor. The rule of thumb with these throws is that they definitely look better in a “messy style”, no hospital corners! You can try folding the throw in two and then casually throwing on top of a bed that isn’t made to perfection. When it comes to decorating with a throw, “effortlessly” means arranging it casually on the bed in a way that makes you want to curl up in it. The easiest way to do this is by simply placing it diagonally across one of the two bottom corners of the bed. Or, you can also fold your throw lengthwise and place it over the entire foot of your bed. Step back, and if it needs it, you can do some minor pats, tucks and ruffling to get that perfectly imperfect style.  You know we are lovers of keeping things minimalist in the bedroom, adding a throw can instantly revamp your linen by upping your texture game. Stick with an option in a similar colour palette and you’ll keep the neutral minimal style with a cosy and stylish addition. 


linen throw

And not limited to just the bedroom, you can drape your throw blanket off the edge of a couch or over the arm of a chair. One technique is to pinch the throw at its centre, then drag it over one of the back corners of your couch. Another way is to loosely fold the throw in half lengthwise and drop it over a corner, draping it over the back.



Adding a soft throw at the foot of the bed is the final flourish (particularly effective to break up the expanse of a king bed!) If you ask us, every bed should have at least one throw casually draped over the end. Go for it, throw it, it’s the crowning touch to a beautifully styled head to toe French linen dressed bed.


french linen throw

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