Spring Interior Refresh: The Fab 4

Change! As plants begin to come to life again, so do we! Some warmer weather and a spring interior refresh is just what we need right now!

Whilst we are still “locked down”, change is as close to a holiday as we are going to get. We might not feel motivated for the traditional “Spring Clean”, but we know that a good declutter, a furniture shuffle and changing up our linen, will make us feel a hell of a lot better (especially whilst we are spending ALL our time at home and the cluttered chaos has gotten well outta hand…).

In the words of Kondo, if something doesn’t “spark joy”, get rid of it, or at the very least, pack away some of those wintery pieces and embrace a Spring vibe throughout your home.

Here’s the fab 4 we are giving the nod to for a Spring interior refresh.

The Boho Luxe

Back To Nature

Spring interiors are absolutely about making a strong connection with the natural world. Natural materials and organic forms; rattan, linen, jute and timber are exactly what you want for Spring (hey, was say anytime really!) items that are perfectly imperfect are what getting back to nature is all about. Add soothing tones inspired by nature, those earthy tones like olive green add a restorative feel making them ideal for the bedroom (restore me please!). Make the move into natural hues, greens reminiscent of nature foliage and the outdoors are perfectly on trend for Spring.

Green for Spring is all about organic, less saturated tones such as sage, moss and olive. Unwinding in a sleep space decorated using a colour palette of gentle, nurturing tones can act as a subtle aid to boost your wellbeing (yes please!) Spring is absolutely the time to add restorative colours taken straight from nature, and to keep the look modern and fresh introduce an unexpected accent colour, like olive with nude blush. Go for preserved posies, like Goldie from everbloome, an absolute Spring time delight.


Ever Bloome

olive and nude blush

Personal Minimalism

Hitting the sweet spot of “not enough” and “too much”, right smack bang in the middle of minimalism and maximalism is personal minimalism. Personal minimalism is about creating a minimalist space that is not void of personality. Your home should reflect your own taste and be reflective of the way you like to live in that space. For you to really love a minimalist space you need to include items that are personal to you. In real life, this looks like the pared-back minimalist rooms we love, accessorised with pieces that are meaningful to you. Curating with intention, knowing what to add in and what to leave out, rearranging, adding and taking away until it feels just right. Minimalist design is about living in an uncluttered environment  with the added health benefits of reducing toxins and dust building up in and around your stuff (we say yes to less dusting! Ain’t nobody got time for that!).

Creating space in your interior allows you to show off your beautiful furniture, artworks and other prized possessions. A minimalist interior can improve the visual appeal of your space, whilst highlighting your fav elements. Minimalist interiors are definitely about quality of quantity, investing in quality pieces from large furniture to bedding and cushions, they enhance the pared-back aesthetic AND they’ll last you so much longer, so they’re way more cost effective in the long run (win win).  

Jem and Bianca Interiors


Whilst we’d like to be making time for daily meditation, it’s just not happening right now...so if we can get the benefit of mindfulness by refreshing our home interior, WE ARE IN! The interior design concept of conscious spaces is influenced by the concept of mindfulness and we are ALL about it. Feeling more zen at home, sign me up. Think low furniture, floor cushions, plenty of indoor plants, natural materials and a calming palette of natural tones and whites (we are in LOVE with the Cango Sun Lounger from Cocoluxur).

Rooms that might not be Instagram ready but are most definitely lazy weekend ready. Cool but comfortable, not abandoning style for comfort, this is a case of can do both, keeping things cool but not so cool we can’t relax. Mindfulness in our interiors makes the case for our homes as a refuge from the stresses of the outside world. Earthy tones and soft colours take priority in the colour palette. Natural materials, natural fabrics, plants, wood, clay, stone, linen and wool. It’s about slowing down and tuning into the things that really matter. Edit out the unnecessary, surround yourself with only those pieces you truly love and use. 



Harper and Wilde


Neutral Not Blah

We are unashamedly neutral LOVERS, and moving into the sunnier months going all out with neutrals, whites and light shades is our fav way to refresh our interiors . But how do you refresh with neutral without looking blah? Varying textures, patterns and materials; think chunky boucle, lightweight linen, mixing materials like natural woods and woven rugs. Starting with a neutral base creates a calm, fresh environment and the palette is easily built upon with similar tones and varying textures. Playing with textures adds warmth and enriches a space, avoiding a cold and bland interior by adding texture through materials and fabrics, rather than going OTT with colour, go OTT with texture. Calming colours that bring harmony to a space and soothe overstimulated eyes like adding in some more pastel tones like nude blush is the perfect balance and they work perfectly with a neutral foundation.

Rather than being too focussed on the overall look of a space, focus on how the space makes you feel. Think about your bedroom as a place for calming escape (it’s gonna be the best damn island holiday you’re gonna get for awhile), so go neutral on neutral with ALL the textural elements for a perfect Spring getaway in the heart of your home. 


Miss Amara


Au Fait Living


Refreshing your space for Spring doesn't have to mean spending a fortune on new, it's about taking stock of what you have, paring back and making a few small changes to revive your space. There's nothing like welcoming the new season with new linen, it's an easy change that can make a big impact on reinvigorating your bedroom. 

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